VeChain attends blockchain conference with Bosch and EU Commission

  • 2nd Cyprus Blockchain Summit will take place digitally to discuss potential of technology and its impact on how companies do business.
  • The Conference will be held digitally on September 10, 2020. 

Under the name “Potential, Opportunities and Barries of Blockchain Technology”, the 2nd Cyprus Blockchain Summit will take place digitally. Aimed at “forward-thinking organizations”, the Summit will aim to discuss the potential of this technology for professionals on the banking sector, insurance, financial services, human resources, supply chain management and others.

The event is organized by IMH, the largest business knowledge transfer organization in Cyprus, according to its website. Dedicated to creating and organizing similar events, IMG has organized the 2nd Cyprus Blockchain Summit with Cyprus Blockchain Technologies, Cyprus Blockchain Association (CBA) and the private association Cyprus Computer Society (CCS). The Conference aims at the following:

(…) to help inform businesses of the latest trends and developments in blockchain, and how it can be used to enable new capabilities.

VeChain, blockchain and the change in business model

Among the participants of the event are the companies VeChain represented by Dimitrios Neocleous, the European Commission for Digital Innovation and Blockchain, the Robert Bosch Group, the UK Blockchain Government Association, among others. According to the official program, blockchain is one of the new disruptive technologies conceived with a “more democratic vision of the Internet” with greater transparency. Blockchain has the potential to impact the way the world does business.

The event will take place digitally, as mentioned, on September the 10 this year between 12: 00 and 14: 15 Cyprus time. To participate in the summit you can register at the following link. Participants, according to the event’s program, will be able to learn about the barriers and potential of blockchain technology and how it can be applied to their business. In addition, they will be able to learn from real use cases of blockchain technology in different sectors and learn about the blockchain ecosystem in Cyprus.

The event will be divided into 3 sessions in which different topics related to the blockchain will be discussed. The first session will give an introduction to this type of technology and to the Blockchain as a service (BaaS) for large technology companies. Here the participants will be able to “select the best BaaS platform for their business”.

In the second session, VeChain and Bosch will talk about practical applications of blockchain technology. In addition, the German giant will discuss its blockchain strategy and how Bosch is addressing the challenges of this type of technology. The potential of decentralized finance through its practical application of blockchain technology will also be discussed. VeChain will close this session with the presentation of its VeChain ToolChain. Dimitrios Neocleous, Ecosystem Manager for VeChain will present the following:

How Blockchain Technology disrupts the Healthcare Industry by enhancing the Patient Centricity; improving the trust and transparency between the healthcare providers and patients.

In the last session, the European Commission represented by Pēteris Zilgalvis will present its blockchain strategy. The roadmap to be presented by the European Commission will show how a legal framework for blockchain technology will be created that will innovate decentralized technologies to build a European Blockchain Services Infrastructure.

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