IOTA: First SOCIETY2 product will be available to use very soon

The first product of SOCIETY2, “Secrets”, is in the final stage of development. “Secrets” will allow sending private peer-to-peer messages. SOCIETY2‘s ecosystem is starting to grow and its first product is in the final stage of development. As announced today, “Secrets” will be a messaging application that allows its users to send private peer-to-peer messages […]

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IOTA: Chinese elite university applies for patent on cross-chain system with Fabric

The European Patent Office has published an application from China’s Xi’an Jiaotong University claiming a cross-chain gateway interaction system between the IOTA Tangle and Hyperledger Fabric. The supply chain data management system uses the IOTA Tangle as the data layer, while Fabric is implemented as the control layer. The number of patents that reference IOTA […]

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EU Commission: IOTA based CityxChange project is ‘business ready’

The IOTA Foundation-led and EU-funded “CityxChange” project has been awarded the “business ready” maturity rating by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar. After the launch in Limerick, Ireland, and Trondheim, Norway, five more cities will follow as the project progresses. The European Commission yesterday published a report on the IOTA Foundation-led CityxChange project on its research […]

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