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Hoskinson reveals interoperability efforts for Cardano

Charles Hoskinson has revealed IOHK’s efforts to increase the interoperability of Cardano with Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, among others. Hoskinson rejected maximalism and called against radical positions in favor of cooperation in the crypto ecosystem. In a new video by IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson, he revealed the company’s efforts to increase Cardano‘s interoperability with […]

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Cardano takes first step towards Voltaire phase, Project Catalyst launched

IOHK has launched Voltaire’s decentralized governance program “Project Catalyst”, under which Cardano will be transformed into a self-sustaining system. The Shelley node v1.18.1 is the first update after the hard fork that brings significant performance improvements. As the transition period from Byron to Shelley for Cardano slowly but surely comes to an end, Input Output […]

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Cardano (ADA) will be operated by the community in 2021

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson has celebrated the Cardano community’s initiative to create independent guilds to represent staking pools. Hoskinson compared Cardano’s community to the early days of Bitcoin. In a new video update IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson has celebrated an initiative taken by Cardano‘s community. Hoskinson confessed to being surprised by the prompt action after […]

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