Should Bitcoin and Crypto Assets Be Classified as Stocks? Think Tank Founder Says Yes

India has largely been teetering between
positions of ambivalence and opposition towards the cryptocurrency industry
this year since the Supreme Court overturned the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI)
ban on banks engaging with crypto-related businesses in the country. Many
countries are taking on the challenge of cryptocurrency regulation by making
crypto activity expensive and that which requires formal applications for
licenses to operate legally within a selected jurisdiction, or outright
forbidding cryptocurrency altogether.

BEGIN India Think Tank founder Deepak Kapoor,
in an interview with Business World, said that there are
currently two viable options for India, with the first being legalizing Bitcoin
and crypto as a currency or giving Bitcoin a legal status equivalent to that of
a traditional, financial market stock. Kapoor firmly believes in the latter.

“Globally everyone wants to make bitcoin into a private currency which
will not be allowed because it will lead to the collapse of the economies. The
most scary and challenging part is that I can have the entire economy of the US
or the world converted into a small thing and carry it in my pocket or laptop,”
he said.

68% of all Bitcoins originate in China on their servers. Today we are so scared
of their apps that are taking our data away sitting somewhere else. Imagine if
I have to invest in bitcoins then 68% of all those will still originate in
China. They already have the data and I won’t be surprised if they have the
passport or replica of whatever I do.”

key, Kapoor argues, is not to legalize bitcoin but to ensure that there is
control over cryptocurrency and its related technologies. Moreover, given the
dangers of the uses of cryptocurrency, Kapoor is of the opinion that India
should perhaps start registering crypto-related crimes in their laws first
before creating a “permanent monitoring body” to oversee cryptocurrency

While India’s central bank has announced that
banks in India are free to take on clients from the crypto industry, India’s
government is rumored to be considering a bill that would penalize
cryptocurrency holders. This happened back in June and so far, no further
updates have been provided on the matter.

However, India’s crypto industry is not waiting for the uncertainty to pass before taking action. Major crypto exchanges such as CoinDCX and Binance-owned WazirX have been busy accelerating business and product development despite the possibility of an upcoming ban hanging over them.

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