NantWorks files patent for in-game data collection using IOTA Tangle

  • NantWorks claims a patent for the IOTA Tangle as part of a system for collecting information in video games.
  • The collected data can be used to certify parts of a video game related event.

A patent application has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) suggesting a use case for IOTA Tangle for data acquisition in video games. The patent is dated November 18, 2019, recently became public and is entitled “Distributed Ledger Tracking of Event Data”.

It was filed by Nicholas Witchy, a specialist in patents related to video games, accompanied by John Wiacek, senior engineer at NantWorks, and Patrick Soon-Shiong, a billionaire and life science researcher. NantWorks has a long history of developing patents related to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). In addition, the company has made investments in various sectors including healthcare, commerce and digital entertainment.

According to the patent, it is proposed to use IOTA’s Tangle in a computer game based system that can be associated with a specific device. That way, with the information collected, a record of “at least a portion” of game-related events can be registered on the network. The document states:

Event data is obtained for chronicling chronologically ordered in-game events. Hardware and software related data is obtained that relates to the computer or the computer-based device and is relevant to the chronicling of the portion of the gaming event. Utilizing a distributed ledger technology or blockchain, the event data and the hardware and software related data are recorded in establishing the set of data chronicling at least a portion of the duration of the gaming event.

Collecting video game data with the IOTA Tangle

The patent application clarifies that the information collected can be associated with events of a certain duration, for example a game tournament or training session. The information can be aggregated “as a block of data” or a game unit and then securely stored on the IOTA Tangle.

The document also contains a classification of the data that can be extracted from video games, including by genre, characteristics and game machine. Such data can also be sent from the IOTA Tangle via a streaming service (Twitch, YouTube) that displays player statistics, internal game data, game configuration information, game performance, and more. Regarding this, the document adds:

(…) ledger data structure technology can be utilized to facilitate establishing a set of data chronicling or notarizing at least a portion of the duration of the gaming event. In some embodiments, the set of data can be configured for, useable for, provided for, or used for various uses. For example, the set of data can be used for game, gaming, spectator, league, team, fantasy league, and gamer related uses; game related data determination and verification uses; fair play, anti-cheating and cheating detection uses.

A search on the USPTO platform shows that the patent is still pending for approval. However, if it is granted it could considerably expand the applications of the IOTA Tangle in an industry with a significant number of users. As reported by CNF, IOTA has recently published a proof of concept for smart contracts that will continue to expand the use cases for the network.

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