IOTA: Eco-Track supply chain and recycling services using tangle

  • Eco-Track uses two applications to monitor recycling and supply chain.
  • Users will receive rewards in MIOTA for recycling products with IOTA-based application.

In a post on Medium, blockchain developer Yehia Tarek has shared an update on the Eco-Track supply chain system. Conceived as two applications that work with IOTA Tangle technology. Thus, the Eco-Track system and its applications allow monitoring the supply chain and the recycling process for companies, organizations, and users.

On its GitHub page, Eco-Track is defined as a system that will “force organizations” to implement more ecological products. The system has been created to allow organizations to have an estimate and be able to quantify the number of recycled materials available to them. Therefore, Eco-Track will allow such organizations to obtain ecofriendly materials they need to reuse in their production processes.

For this, the users of the application are indispensable, as shown in the image below. Tarek explains the operation of the first application, from the factorization of products to the end-users, as follows:

 Each end-users with the supply chain mobile app can update the product’s status and gave his feedback to achieve the highest transparency.



Obtaining rewards with IOTA by recycling

The second application will focus on end-users in the supply chain to recyclers. The developer presents a use case where a consumer A wants to recycle his laptop or any other product. Consumer A can use Eco-Track to scan the used product using Near Field Communication (NFC) through his smartphone. The user can then access the “smart trash in the application” which will use the NFC tag to send the scanned product information to the Eco-Track database. After this, the user is rewarded with the MIOTA token. The information provided by consumer A is stored in the Eco-Track database. From there, an organization or company can access it and have an inventory of available recyclable material and access to it.



In the video below there is a demonstration of the applications. The first one shows how the Eco-Track application is used to register the user’s data (name, email, and address). Then, the user can get information about a product, its history, and status update. In the second application, users who want to do recycling and get rewards enter their IOTA wallet address.

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