Hoskinson proposes more podcasts for Cardano, offers $15,000 grant

  • IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson has proposed the creation of more podcasts for the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem.
  • The podcasts could cover various topics and niches in the ecosystem, such as the introduction of tokens on Cardano.

In one of his famous blackboard videos, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson expressed his interest in promoting the creation of more podcasts within the Cardano ecosystem. Hoskinson came up with the idea after listening to the podcast “The Cardano Effect” by Cardano.

Hoskinson celebrated the success of the podcast and realized that it covers a specific niche within the Cardano ecosystem. Hoskinson praised the podcast as an ideal place to make announcements and receive general information. However, he pointed out that there should be more specific podcasts for the Cardano ecosystem and the crypto industry:

It would be great to have one for Dapps and asset development. Something like an ‘all about Plutus and Marlowe’ and functional programming in general. It would be great to have a show that specializes highly in trading in markets and that is clearly not a show about, ‘Hey, look how this asset goes up and this asset goes down’, but about how technical analysis works (…)

Hoskinson stated that IOHK is willing to collaborate with the podcasts. In addition, Hoskinson said that it would be a good addition to the ecosystem if there were podcasts on projects, their uses and utilities. Hoskinson offered examples of some formats he would like to see. One of them was a talk show with project leaders in which they can explain how their products work.

$15,000 grant for Cardano podcasts

Hoskinson promised to support his proposal with financial assistance. He therefore offered funding of up to $15,000 for the podcast projects. However, the inventor of Cardano made it a condition that the projects would initially go through the “Defined Contribution” funding program. This will allow the community to participate and vote on it:

I’m prepared to pay for this (the podcasts). So if anyone wants to do one of these, I’ll put aside $15,000 for each (of the podcasts), as a grant to get a podcast ready to go. With the condition (…) up to $15,000 if paid for by the DC fund. If you are willing to go through the DC fund process and get up to $15,000 from the DC fund, I will match it (…)

Furthermore, Hoskinson clarified that the podcasts he proposes will not replace the Cardano Effect; on the contrary, they will be complementary. He stressed that there should be more specialized formats and said that the “Floss Weekly” is one of his favorites for presenting open source projects. In this way, the Cardano Effect will be able to diversify:

I would like to see the Cardano ecosystem grow and evolve and this is one of the next steps, it doesn’t have to be significant but big things have small beginnings, as we learned from Prometheus.

Below you can see the full video with Cardano’s inventor, Charles Hoskinson:

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