Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020 Goes Virtual to Feature International Leaders of Finance and Tech

With support from the Hong Kong community, industry leaders from across the world will converge at the largest virtual event for business, regulators, and technology.

The 2nd Annual Hong
Kong Blockchain Week 2020
hosted by The NexChange Group will be held
between the 17th and 19th of November 2020. The core event of the week is the Block O2O Virtual Global Summit which
is set for November 18th. The conference
is set to be an ideal platform to look back at what 2020 has brought to the
industry development, and to carry out prolific discussions about the range of
applications blockchain technology can offer across different industries. Hong
Kong and the Greater Bay Area have become a testing ground for a Digital
Currency / Electronic Payment project by the People’s Bank of China, and the
conference speakers will dive into detail on this unprecedented initiative.

The Blockchain Week will showcase a vibrant range of
events, including an official Virtual Welcome Event on November 17th for VIPs
and Speakers; a DeFi Day on November 19th presenting a series of online
meetings and webinars about blockchain for Decentralized Finance; and a
spectacular online ceremony of the world’s first international TADS Awards 2020
on November 18th.

Samson Lee, founder and CEO, Coinstreet Partners:
“TADS AWARDS celebrates the Tokenized Assets and Digital Securities industries
by recognizing and honouring significant contributions and distinguished
achievements worldwide. TADS aims to nurture the growth of these industries by
establishing best practices and setting measuring standards.”

During Hong Kong Blockchain Week
attendees will delve into the various content aspects:

  • CBDCs: Use Cases around the
  • DeFi
  • Asset Tokenization
  • Mining Industry in 2020
  • Digital Economy
  • Regulation in Asia, the US
    and Europe
  • Solutions for enterprise
  • Social
    impact of blockchain-based projects

Speakers featured on the event
agenda throughout the week:

David Chung, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Hong Kong
Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger and Linux Foundation
Henri Arslanian, FinTech and Crypto Leader for Asia, PwC
Alex Mashinsky, Founder and CEO, Celsius Network
Alicia García-Herrero, Chief Economist for APAC, Natixis
Miko Matsumura, General Partner, Gumi Ventures
David Johnston, Managing Partner, Yeoman’s Capital
Mai Fujimoto, Miss Bitcoin & CEO, Kizuna Co
Dr Ben Goertzel, Founder and CEO, SingularityNET

Juwan Lee, Chairman of NexChange: “Hong Kong Blockchain Week bridges
many industries that are being transformed by blockchain technology and the
opportunities it has brought. We expect to bring together those who decide the
future of these industries today: investors, governments, media, and
entrepreneurs from around the world.”

About NexChange: NexChange Group is a venture innovation and media platform specializing
in Blockchain, FinTech, HealthTech, AI, and Smart Cities.

For more information on the speakers, agenda, side
events and partnerships, please visit https://www.hkblockchainweek.net/  or contact: info@nexchange.com

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