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GBTC Holder Says Not Enough Being Done to Eliminate Discount on Shares— Proposes an Alternative Solution

A privately-held investment firm from Chicago, Marlton Partners, has urged Grayscale Investments to embrace the modified Dutch auction tender offer for GBTC shares. According to Marlton, such a tender offer “would materially narrow — if not eliminate — the discount to net asset value (NAV).” This, in turn, offers stockholders confidence “in the sponsor’s ability […]

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Investment manager Marlton sends letter to Grayscale pushing for a solution to the GBTC discount

An investment management firm with considerable holdings of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) wants the asset manager to do something about its premium. Marlton published an open letter to Grayscale on April 6 asking it to conduct a tender offer of its shares. Currently, GBTC shares are trading at a discount of about -8%. Investors purchase […]

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