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Europe to introduce ‘historic’ legislation for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in autumn

The European Union will complete new “historic” legislation on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies this autumn. Under the new regulations, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be classified as financial instruments throughout Europe. A report by the Cyprus Mail reveals that a new legislation on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could be introduced in Europe. Ready for this autumn, […]

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The Explosion of Bitcoin Price Defines Crypto As A Source Of Higher Gains Amidst Global Market Uncertainty

The cryptocurrency market has been through an unexpected boom throughout the past few months, despite the coronavirus cases taking back with an increasing pace around the globe. Since the start of the year, the price of both ETH and BTC, the most popular cryptocurrencies, went up 200% and 65% correspondingly, which also pushed the network […]

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“Actual” Total Value Locked in DeFi is Only About 50% of Reported Value: Analyst

Reportedly, the recursive compounding of collateral on different DeFi project using the same initial capital tends to inflate the value locked in DeFi by almost 50%.  Data analytics websites reporting the ‘total value locked’ in DeFi, determine the value by analysing individual projects. However, the ecosystem has remarkable interoperability. DAI loaned in one project is […]

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