Free bitcoin mining sites without investment 2020

Are there free Bitcoin mining sites without investment in 2021?

The good news is, yes, there are websites that let you mine Bitcoin for free even in 2021! However, these sites seem to die out at a steady pace since Bitcoin mining difficulty has increased substantially in the past years. The mining power required to run those free mining services has double over the past two years, that’s why many free Bitcoin mining services have either shut down completely or have switched to a paid model.

One of the more consistent free Bitcoin mining websites out there that still doesn’t require any form of investment is FreeCoins Club, they operate a different model regarding the way their free mining website is financed. In order to use their free Bitcoin mining service you are required to take part in product testing and market research, this pays for their mining equipment and the general cost to run their website. In most cases you have to invest five minutes of your time to complete a survey or test a new application to get two full days of free Bitcoin mining using their cloud mining farms with a total mining power of 4,500 TH/s. This makes it possible to earn free Bitcoins with zero investment, you can even create multiple accounts to increase the amount of free Bitcoin that will be mined for you.

So it can be said, that it is still possible in 2021 to mine Bitcoin for free, all that is needed is a little time in order for those free Bitcoins to hit your wallet.

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